Thursday, January 14, 2010

salam.. its been a long time isnt it? hm... rite now everybody was stress out for coming exam. dunno... but that 's life.. you will never run away from a word calledtest.. curious sometime, what kind of test that Allah has meke up for me... would i bear to face it... well.. again.. donno.. "life is so unfair, why did i have to face it!!!..."

some kind like familiar to those word... anyhow, this is my 10 tips on the way i face THOSE TEST TO ME.. let us see behind it

1) nobody in this world could know their own fate, isnt' it? then we have to challenge everything in happy mode, be brave, courage and feel keen to face the new thing. well, somehow it may cause us so great palpitation, but that what is life promise you .. you will get back what you had given.. so, be happy for tomorrow.. :)
2)be ready in everything you do, huh! these phrase look awkward to me, because im the one that never promise these statement, but i make sure that in most of the time, i will not look chaos and be-cool to face the challenging tomorrow..
3)never stop to ask for help this is general. but, first, bear in mind that Allah will never left you apart in whatever circumstances. so never feel lonely, cause HE will be by your side, whenever you neede, its just.. we... never grasp this golden opportunities..
4)crying...this is proven helps, as it always accompanied me whenever i felt that im going to demise myself in the lake of my problem, stress and task!!! you can choose either to do it alone, together (you and HIM) or to all of your roomate... lets cry... wawawawa...
5)try to sit, think and stop talking this is just to make you shut down your mouth from talking, switch off your thinking and try to solve it in a very silent way... if you calm, your decision wil never regret you as you also can weigh the pro and cons of your choose.
6)writing is it ok? well,, sometimes i like to only talk to nobody, no one but myself. just talk to my diary, put some tear over that silent paper and draw something that can make you happy, like drawing cartoon.. huhu... its better that you draw in the wall
7)do some exercise i like badminton, so when sunday comes, i like top play (if got frient to play) it proves to lost your burdening fat, and also relief your stress. the time i smash, is the time i tought thatt im going to smash those stress too.. but please do on shuttlecock!
8)sleep early that the way you used too hmmm... iam actually rarely practising this as a matter of fact that im having insomnia... but i always try to di it. yet... still bad outcome. but i always see taht this helps a lot in my friend.. you may one of them.. try la!
9)playing computer game i donno. i didnt practise this. you can just try..!!
10) give yourself to the TESTER!!! i should put this above, well my fool always playing me. i hope in the way im looking for the perfect way of my problem solution, i always put my conscience in front me, and throw away the immature thinking from my head..

this is just a tips, you may or may not fit to my style, but who knows.. bubbye... see ya assalamualaikum...

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