Wednesday, March 31, 2010

lets learn sirah!!

to all my viewer, this time i want to share with u guys about the sirah of warrior that live in the same era with our beloved prophet, Muahammad SAW, which also known as 'sahabat'.. (im still crawling also, so really appreciated any building commenteither in the story or grammar itself.. from you all!, thanks!!).. so let us start..

this is a story of anas bin malik al-anshori.. i bet you all have heard this, maybe your story is better than me, but.. let me try on this k??.. thanks... :)

he is one of prophet's friend that has been prayed by probhet.. " Ya Allah (God), granted him with wealth and generation. bless his live.. ".. subhanallah.. anyone whom been prayed by Muhammad, will be easily 'amin' by God.. SUBHANALLAH..

he (Anas bin Malik) was non-muslim at the early. he was converted to islam by his mother named, Ghumaisho', in his early childhood. he was lived by the story of her mum that Prophet of Muhammad as the best qudwah (role module) of mankind.. as time pass, Anas was very delighted to meet Muhammad, as has fall in love with him..

after tha hijarah of Muhammad to the Yathrib (now known as Madinah), his mom sent him to Muhammad SAW.. " Ya Muhammad, everyone in Madinah has given you a gift as sign of respect to you that have lighten Madinah, i have nothing to give ya Prophet, so i gaive you my son. take care of him, and you can do as you wish..

it was a very biggest gift felt by Anas, to be adopted and accepted by Muahmmad. In the custody of Muhammad, he learn a lot of hadith, do what He likes and Muhammad never get angry with him.. Anas learn most of his hadith and become the third after Abdullah bin Umar and Abu Hurairah, in term of a lot of "perawian hadith"

as mention above, he has been prayed by Muhammad, to be granted with wealth and heir. he was known to become one of the richman and have more than 100 grandchildren..
the best memory of him was being adopted by Muhammad and the saddest memories of him is when the dead of Muhammad. he lives for 10 years in Muhammad's custody and manage to memorize a lot of hadith..
he die at the age of 103 years old and he manage to whispering "lailahaillahllah muhammadurrasulullah..." before he passed away.. subhanallah, may we also able to do so.. his bodies was kept with the small crosier of Muhammad in his pocket, as he wish.

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